Ainsley had a GREAT summer this year - filled with many different summer camps. She went to:

Adventure Camp
Messy Art Camp
Doctor Camp
Drama Camp
School Camp
Farm Camp
Pottery Camp

I am proud to share several videos from Drama Camp. These are from the final performance that took them 3 weeks to learn - the singing, the choreography, the lines - it was exhaustive. She loved it!

1 - Drama Camp 2016 - When I Grow Up

2 - Drama Camp 2016 - Consider Yourself

3 - Drama Camp 2016 - Steppin' Out With My Baby

4 - Drama Camp 2016 - Scene from 101 Dalmations

5- Drama Camp 2016 - I've Got the Sun in the Morning

6 - Drama Camp 2016 - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

7 - Drama Camp 2016 - You'll Be In My Heart


Our gymnast

Ainsley just finished her second session of gymnastics. She graduated to Hot Shots 2 but will take a break for some swimming.


New house progress

We're building a new house! And it's been going quickly. About time I put some pictures out here.